Friday, May 15, 2009

30 March 2009 - Kawasan Tanjong Inter-school Debate (Semi-final)

This year, MGSS hosted the Kawasan Tanjong Inter-school English Language Parliamentary Style debate in style. 4 schools took part in the debate - Methodist ACS, Bukit Rambai, Gajah Berang and MGSS. Pictures above (semi-final ties):
1. Camera-shy timekeepers (from left): Tew Yong Yong and Emilia Lim.
2. In the Lee Kuo Chuan Hall, MGSS battled it out with ACS Secondary. Result - MGSS won. At the mike is our second speaker, Grace Sugumaran. Seated is Siti Zaidathul Iman.
3. Over in the Form 5K1 classroom, Gajah Berang clashed with Bukit Rambai. Result - Gajah Berang won. The timekeepers were (from left) Tan Yin Voon and Thanabakiam.
4. The Gajah Berang time in action. Ms. Elaine Tey was the no-nonsense Speaker for the tie.
5. Noelle Tan (left) and Grace Sugumaran (right) are deep in thought. Hmm... wonder what they are thinking of... the debate topic or the boys sitting opposite them...

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